Colt Ledger Mission, Purpose, What They Do

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About Colt Ledger

Near the tip of 2008, Bernie Madoff became a menage name from all the main news sources for the large quantity of cash he had taken through fallacious deception. the increase in associate degree eldery population within the us is associate degree “all you'll eat” buffet to those like Madoff. The older generations were raised to be a lot of polite and trusting, exploit them much more liable to the evil acts being purpetrated against them through completely different flavors of investment fraud. in line with the U.S. Census, but one in eight Americans square measure over the age of sixty five. Considering the U.S. Government considers an individual old at fifty five in laws concerning protective old against money crimes, it suggests that quite twelve.5% of usa citizens square measure targets for the would be contriver.
Colt Ledger Mission, Purpose, What They Do

Colt ledger private investigation Firm

Since gap our doors, we’ve detected several stories from shoppers concerning being talked out of their nest eggs, retirement funds, life savings, children’s faculty funds, etc. we've shoppers World Health Organization are forced into mercantilism their homes to measure in incommodious residences and worse as a result of they encumbered their property so as to speculate a lot of into a projected “sure issue.” this can be not uncommon! The homeowners of those fallacious firms may care less if you finish the road. They thrive on knowing several feel too guilty to inform their story to others. Don’t permit yourself to fall victim to the current corruption. we tend to square measure here to assist. we tend to square measure here to stay!
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Our Mission

To bring forth justice, integrity, trust and fairness by leveling each public and personal arenas, restoring the honorable principles and values on that America was supported by sharply attempt corruption, fraud, and people World Health Organization hold themselves higher than the law; to form wrongs right by giving voice and action to the victims
Who We Are

Colt Ledger & Associates opposition.
 could be a commissioned non-public Investigation firm. we tend to investigate Oil & Gas, valuable, Movies, Pre IPO’s, and the other non-public placement fund for scam, fraud, and criminal activity. If you're feeling as if you're a victim in one or a lot of of those things,Colt Ledger investigation Firm in usa we tend to is also able to assist you. be happy to require our Scam examination if you're feeling you may presumably have fallen prey to at least one of the eventualities higher than.

Colt Ledger And Associates

we tend to focus on convalescent non-public placement assets that were fraudulently obtained from you by unscrupulous people and/or firms. we tend to square measure a awfully aggressive advocate for you. we tend to don't seem to be attorneys, however, we've a number of the most effective attorneys on the market to America. we tend to don't seem to be CPA’s, however, we've access to them yet. we tend to don't seem to be enforcement agencies, however we've access to people whom have retired from the force. most significantly, Colt Ledger isn't a pleasant man!