Colt Ledger-An Easy Solution For Your Problem

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Colt Ledger-An Easy Solution For Your Problem

Nowadays, every individual and every business has an online presence, which is basically the

most influential source of information of clients and consumers. The online profile includes

experiences, achievements and skills of the individual or business, which becomes an attraction for others to consume.

Perks and Disadvantages of an Online Presence

The whole world is getting digital and just like a coin, there are two sides to it. There are many

perks of having an online footprint, such as:

 More influential than any other medium

 Has a wider reach

 Easier to access

 Has no barriers, making it easily available for anyone to consume

 No limits for data posting and sharing

 Caters to all kinds of people and businesses

The perks come along with many disadvantages, such as:

 Difficult to target the potential clients and consumers

 Requires technical knowledge which makes it a difficult medium

 Can be responsible for bad reputation of the person or business

 Subjected to online frauds due to its vulnerability

Types of Internet Frauds

Online frauds or internet frauds is the use of internet software and services to defraud people or to otherwise take advantage of them. These crimes can be huge i.e. thieves can steal millions of dollars and continue to plague the internet through various methods, such as:

 Business E-mail Compromise: The scam is carried out by compromising legitimate e-mail accounts to conduct unauthorized transfer of funds. It basically targets businesses working with foreign suppliers that perform payments via wire transfer regularly.

 Data Breach: It refers to a leak or a spill of data from a secured location to an un-

trusted and unknown environment. Confidential information and personal information

gets shared because of it.

 Malware/Scareware: It refers to software which is intended to damage or disable

computers and its systems.

 Denial of Service: It causes an interruption in the access of an authorized user to any

system or network.

 Spoofing / Phishing: The term deals with forged or fake electronic documents.

Spoofing refers to the dissemination of an e-mail after being forged as someone else’s,

other than the actual source. Phishing, also known as vishing, pharming, or smishing, is

often used in conjunction with a spoofed e-mail.

 Ransomware: It is a form of malware which targets both human and technical

weaknesses in individuals and organizations’ networks, in an effort to deny the

availability of critical data.

Frequent instances of Internet fraud include business fraud,  Nigerian letter fraud, credit card,fraud, investment schemes,  internet auction fraud and non-delivery of merchandise.

Prevent! Avoid! Investigate!

Everyone wishes to first prevent frauds by trying their best to avoid such circumstances. But if

the fraud is already been committed, people take help of investigation firms like Colt Ledger in USA, which specializes in taking serious actions against frauds and fraudsters.


It is extremely difficult to stay off the internet fraud reach because of its increasing nature, but it sure is easy to take care of everything a person does over the internet, keeping the necessary data to themselves and sharing important data only if needed urgently.

Author’s Byline: Colt Ledger is a Private investigator Who Investigates Fraud and Scam cases.

He has worked for over a decade as a private investigator.Colt ledger is s a Tennesse State licensed private investigator and has started his own private investigation firm. His Firm Only Investigates